Friday, December 30, 2011

Tweak #14 - Five Icon Dock

Hello everyone, we're back with another tweak. Today I present to you the simplest, most basic tweak ever made: Five Icon Dock. That's all there is to it, allows you to have 5 icons in your dock, or folders, or a mix of the two like I have.

There are no options or settings for this tweak, pretty much self explanatory.

Created by Jay Freeman (saurik), it's available in the Cydia/Telesphoreo repo for free.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak

Hey all, it's finally here! Thanks to the superhero of jailbreak community, pod2g, iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak is finally out! Why waste time? Let's get down to business. First, this will work on iOS 5.0.1 ONLY, not 5.0 and certainly DO NOT UPDATE to whatever comes after 5.0.1. If you're NOT on iOS 5.0.1, you have to use iTunes to restore to 5.0.1. NOTE: If you are on iOS 5.0.1, simply go into Cydia and install "Corona 5.0.1 Untether" which is located in the Cydia/Telesphoreo repo, or rerun the new version of Redsn0w over the tethered jailbreak but this time leave "Install Cydia" UNCHECKED.

Okay, let iTunes restore/update your iDevice to 5.0.1. I had a few problems trying to restore back to 5.0 (since I had my phone replaced a few days ago it came with 5.0). I will make this clear: always use iFaith to build signed IPSW files with your shsh blobs. This will save you tons of frustration.

After updating to iOS 5.0.1, get your iFaith running and create a signed iOS 5.0.1 IPSW for future reference (this is BEFORE jailbreaking).

Alright, so you have your iDevice on factory iOS 5.0.1, now what? Follow the rest over here. Exact same steps as tethered jailbreak, but the new version of RedSn0w 0.9.10 beta 1 (thanks iDownloadBlog!) will untether your iDevice! Neat huh? :)

That's all from me, I'm currently in the middle of restoring and updating as well. Check back soon for more tweaks. Follow me on Google+ and Twitter, also feel free to donate a few cents towards new tweaks but definietly support and donate to pod2g for all of his hard work put into this untethered jailbreak. We all waited patiently (some impatiently), he deserves the compensation for something he did on his own free time when he didn't even had to. He did this for us, we should do something for him as well. Thanks pod2g, you're a jailbreak community superhero in my book!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tweak #13 - WinterBoard

Welcome back! I hope everyone's Christmas was great! Famous hacker pod2g made this time even more exciting with the released iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak! Finally! For now we have to sit back, relax, wait for the storm of people hammering Cydia servers to calm down. Let's get back to a new tweak! WinterBoard is a must have tweak for those who would like to theme their iDevices. Once WinterBoard got installed you will need to reboot your iDevice. Then you'll see a new WinterBoard icon on the SpringBoard. Tap on it to go through a few settings as well as apply different themes. Advanced tab will guide you to logging etc; "Hide WinterBoard" toggle will basically hide the WinterBoard icon from the SpringBoard, you can still access this menu from your Settings App. I always leave SummerBoard Mode on. Go into "Select Themes".

Download themes you'd like from Cydia, and they will appear in here. Check mark will select the ones you'd like to be applied. As you can see I have "NoNewNotifications" checked. Go back into previous screen you'll see a blue button to respring your iDevice for changes to take effect.

And there we go, that silly "No New Notifications" line is gone from my Notification Center. (By the way, this is Chicago weather. Big fail this year).

You can do a lot more things with this, I just keep it down to a few things. You can follow me on Google+ as well as Twitter, donate a few cents for new tweaks and especially support pod2g who worked his @$$ off to make the untethered jailbreak a reality. As for WinterBoard, get creative! For example: Blue Cydia Icon ;)

Tweak #12 - CyDelete

CyDelete is a nice, quick, nifty tweak that will save you lots of time when uninstalling certain apps/tweaks from Cydia. Head on over to your Settings app.

Notice only one toggle, Cydia is the protected application. Meaning you can't use CyDelete to remove Cydia. Simple.

Notice that apps/tweaks like 3G Unrestrictor, iFile and Callbar have "x"s just like any other application. Quickly remove them from SpringBoard instead of going through Cydia, uninstalling, and respringing your device.

I had a few tweak icons hidden, after making them visible again you'll see that Activator, SBSettings and WinterBoard also can be removed with CyDelete. Any application/tweak that has a SpringBoard icon can be removed this way easily.

CyDelete is a free tweak from Dustin Howett, found in the BigBoss repository.

Nice, short description included.

That's it for today, will be back on Monday, if not then Tuesday. Going to enjoy this weekend. Follow me on Google+ and Twitter, donate those few cents for new tweaks I'd love to show off, and support pod2g, we all want that untethered jailbreak already! Merry Christmas everyone, have an awesome time, spend it with your families, I know I will :) Take care!

Tweak #11 - PrivaCy

Everyday, there are companies out there "spying" on everyone. A little bit of a strong word but that's true. Somehow, you browse for Nike shoes for example, and the next day you get an email from Nike with their discounts on shoes. Coincidence? I don't think so. Same thing applies in applications. That's when PrivaCy was created, to stop sending unauthorized data back to bigger companies. By default, PrivaCy is disabled so go on to your Settings app.

Now enable all anonymous usage statistics.

That's it! Instead of the companies knowing who's stats come to them, they're anonymous.

It's a free tweak created by Jay Freeman (saurik) - AKA Cydia creator. You can find it in the Cydia/Telesphoreo repository. There's a very long description and backstory behind PrivaCy included, make sure you read it and undestand what it actually is.

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Tweak #10 - StayOpened

One thing about App Store that I find annoying is after every download or update, the AppStore closes when you still want to continue to browse. Well this is where StayOpened comes into play.

As you can tell by its name, StayOpened will keep the AppStore opened even after you selected an app to be downloaded or updated your current ones. StayOpened does have a few settings so go on ahead to Settings app and taop on StayOpened. First and foremost, toggle if you want it enabled or not. Second option is for free applications in the App Store, meaning if there is a free app, what's the text on the button that you'd like it to say? Third option is for paid applications, what kind of text string you'd like to say on the button. I keep both of these off just to avoid confusion, and keep it clean.

StayOpened is a free tweak available in the modmyi repo, created by NakedProductions.

Comes with a little description explaining it's purpose.

Few more coming out in a bit, stay tuned! Follow me on Google+ and Twitter, feel free to donate towards new tweaks as well as follow pod2g on his quest to untether iOS 5.

Tweak #09 - WeeSearch for Notification Center

Hello there, happy friday! Almost Christmas, and we're back with another little tweak that is useful. It's called WeeSearch for Notification Center. Once installed, you'll need to go into your Settings app, and instead scrolling down looking for it, you will need to enable it in your Notification Center. Tap on notifications:

Then see if it's enabled, if not scroll down, tap on it and toggle it on to show in Notification Center. There's no more option in there.

Once you exit out of Settings, pull down Notification Center. You'll see a little search box like this:

I like it because it lets you search google, youtube, wikipedia and dictionary. Very handy when you need something really fast and don't feel like waiting for the browser to open up.

If you cancel out of typing, and swipe WeeSearch to the right or left, you'll be presented with a little info view. Creator's name, with a little note saying you can donate, and a settings icon.

All the settings icon does is prompt you if you'd like to toggle the slim version of WeeSearch:

If yes, it'll be minimized down and limit only to google search like so:

WeSearch can be found under the BigBoss repo for free, created by Jonas Gessner (Maxner). There is also a WeeSearch Pro addon (extension) in the BigBoss repo for $1.49 that you can purchase. You get to choose your own websites for search, add some custom ones, change language, etc. So a little more features than the free version.

There's a nice detailed explanation in Cydia, as well as images for anyone interested.

You can follow me on Google+ and Twitter, feel free to donate a few cents that would go towards new tweaks. As well as follow and support pod2g who is working on an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5. I have a few smaller tweaks, perhaps will write out 2 or 3 of them tomorrow since they are very simple. Enjoy your friday everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tweak #08 - FolderEnhancer

Back with yet another awesome tweak. FolderEnhancer, self-explanatory, enhances the native iOS folders! It's a great tweak that once installed you need to reboot your iDevice for the changes to take effect. Once your iDevice is back on, when you tap on your folders, you'll notice a difference in the folder animation, as well as view. Head on to your settings to check out FolderEnhancer.

First thing that will attract your attention is the big blue "Reset to Defaults" button in the top, right corner. Right away you know if you mess something up, or don't like the changes, you can always go back to default settings.

First option, "Appearance". As it's name implies, you get to customize the FolderEnhancer appearance. Wether you'd like to show the folder name, what color text, folder color or even change the folder background to a custom image, it's all there for you.

The "Behavior" tab controls folder closing and animations. A neat toggle for "Always Bounce" found it's way in there as well. Makes it all look more Apple like, as well as more alive.

In the "Advanced" tab you'll find toggles for smoother animations caching icon images and enable/disable WinterBoard effects on labels.

For the "Experimental" tab, you get to pick how you'd like the paging to work inside the newly enhanced folders. Either vertically, or paged, just like Springboard pages.

Here is a FolderEnhancer(ed) folder in iOS 5 (Notice the room for 15 apps, plus more if paging is enabled):

You can find FolderEnhancer under the BigBoss repo for $2.49, which was created by Lance Fetters (ashikase).

Included are release notes as well as 2 video demos of FolderEnhancer in action.

And a features list.

FolderEnhancer is one of THE reasons to jailbreak your iDevice. Thanks for checking out my blog, as always you can follow me on Google+ and Twitter, and please share my blog with your friends. The more the merrier :) Also, support the hacker pod2g who is working very hard on the untethered jailbreak for all the older iDevices as well as the iPhone4S and iPad2. Feel free to send me suggestions for tweaks. Thanks again, I'll be back tomorrow :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tweak #07 - KillBackground

My personal favorite tweak of all time is KillBackground. I use it all the time, always after quitting a few applications, or exiting out of music app or even after playing a game, KillBackground lets me remove the recently used applications still running in the background and draining your battery life.

There are a few simple options that come along with KillBackground. You can set it up for your iPhone/iPod and even for iPad.

"Button on the left" toggle will display the KillBackground button on the left side of the screen. When the toggle is off, the button will be on the right side. I always like to have my button visible and my switcher to automatically close after tapping on it, as well as killing music automatically after listening to whatever you had playing. Big buttons will pop 2 buttons on both sides of the screen, very useful when on iPad.

On the left is how I have it setup, with the button on the left side of the screen, and on the right 2 big buttons for iPad users, simply making it an easier access to the tweak itself.

KillBackground is a free tweak made my Mathieu Bolard (mattlawer) under the BigBoss repository. As always, you can follow me on Google+ and Twitter, and please share my blog with your friends. Sorry to keep you all waiting, I had a long day today. More to come soon :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tweak #06 - Gridlock

One of my personal favorites, Gridlock. Gridlock breaks the typical iOS icon arrangement and let's you arrange your icons and folders in any way you want on your springboard. This is how I keep my iPhone organized, everything belongs in a folder and nicely on one screen free from swiping between pages.

You can arrange it all any way you want. First thing go to wiggle mode by tapping and holding on any icon, and then just drag and drop to your desired position.

The beauty of it is that it works inside the folders as well. Note, you need FolderEnhancer installed, I don't know if this works with the regular folders on factory setup.

Gridlock is available in the BigBoss repo, created by chpwn and costs $0.99.

As always, you can follow me on Google+ or Twitter, share my blog with your friends and feel free to drop me some suggestions. 2nd job interview today that's why I'm keeping these simple and short for now. Come back soon and enjoy your Tuesday :)