Monday, December 24, 2012

Tweak #31 - Auxo

It's that time of the year where I hope all of you can spend it with your family and friends. Still no signs of a widespread jailbreak for all iDevices but a new tweak was announced a few days ago. Started off as a concept and here we are today, released into Cydia and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Auxo is an app switcher modifier tweak, where it's been created to completely change the look and feel of the current way you switch between apps. Once you install Auxo, you'll be able to access it via the Settings app.

There are only 4 tabs you can access when you head into Auxo's settings: User Guide, Configuration, The Creators and Support.

The little heart you see in upper right corner will let you send a nifty little tweet to the world:

User Guide is straight forward, explains everything there is about the tweak. I'll cover pretty much everything there is to it and for those who'd like to see it in action I'll include a link to a video.

In the Configuration tab, all you'll get is the familiar toggles I'm sure all of you oh so dearly love. There will be two rows of four, and I'll explain those a bit more further down so you can set them in any way you'd like in any order.

The Crators tab will give you a Twitter link to the creators of Auxo's accounts.

Now, let's see what Auxo is all about! When you invoke the app switcher by double pressing the home button, you can already see the difference simply by noticing it's not just the app icons anymore, but a little screenshot of the app you used. The screenshot will show you the state at which the app is right now how you left it before switching to another app. Pretty sleek.

Scrolling to the left, you'll noticed redesigned music controls. I have nothing playing right now, but when you have music on, the artist's name will be up top, followed by the track's name in the middle and album name on the bottom. Tapping on the right icon will send you directly to the app that's playing (i.e Music, Pandora, Spotify, etc.). The left icon will show you album artwork.

Scrolling up will reveal the music volume slider.

Now here's the cool part with the toggles that were mentioned before. When you swipe to the left one more time, you'll see a four icon row of shortcuts you selected previously. From the list, the top one would be corresponding to the left one on this list. You can go back and forth into the Settings app to rearrange them as you please, without the need to respring. Sweet!

Swiping down will reveal the second row of shortcuts.

Another nice feature is the way of removing apps from the multitasking tray. All you do is simply hold an app and swipe down. Gone! Very easy, or you can tap and hold, and this little menu will show up asking you if you're sure you want to perform the action of removing all apps.

One last feature is tied to the above removal of all apps. When you have an app playing music, and you hold the apps to remove all, Auxo will tell you that an app is playing music and will verify with you if you're sure that that's the action you'd still want to perform. Very neat in my opinion. As you can see I have KillBackground installed and there is no interference between the two tweaks. Both work wonderfully together. Auxo is available in the BigBoss repo for $1.99, from the team A3tweaks. Honestly? Totally worth it. Definitely go and check it out, really nice and simple addition to the iOS.

Like I stated before, here's a video review if you'd like to see the tweak in action before purchasing: YouTube!

Well that's it for me, time to enjoy the break with my family and friends. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Let's hope Santa brings us an untethered jailbreak across all iDevices ;) Whenever a tweak comes out that catches my attention, I will share it over here. Although there's some iPhone malfunctions going on right now, hopefully I'll get my hands on a 4S and keep this one strictly for tweak reviews otherwise I don't want to clutter and/or crash my phone completely. Thanks to all who come and read this blog, I've already had over 11k views which is awesome I really appreciate it. Share these with your friends, follow me on any of the social media websites listed on the right side and I'll be back with more soon!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tweak #30 - NowNow

For those who would love to have Siri on their non-iPhone 4S devices, there is a few alternatives. Spire and all others did use quite the amount of battery life and was a bit buggy here and there (at least for me). I've gotten rid of it a while ago and came across a different tweak that mimics Siri. It's called NowNow. This little nifty tweak uses the voice option via Google Search app which you can download for free from the App Store. Without that app, this tweak won't work.

When you go into your Settings app and scroll down, there is only one thing to configure: and that's how to activate this tweak.

Tap on Activation Methods and, like me, pick Short Hold of the home button and done.

Press and hold the home button and there you have it. Google Search app will launch with the voice command activated, waiting for you to tell it whatever it is you'd like. I've seen some YouTube videos and reviews where this is actually better/faster and more accurate compared to Siri.

And there you go. NowNow is a free tweak you can find in the BigBoss repo, courtesy of Nick Frey.

I apologize in advance for the not-so-often articles. There isn't many tweaks out there for iOS6 just because it's only limited to a few devices. But, just recently I did see a few that kind of got my attention so I'll check them out, see what they do and share a review of how they work. Until next time, enjoy the wonderful day of world's end! Cheers!

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