Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tweak #08 - FolderEnhancer

Back with yet another awesome tweak. FolderEnhancer, self-explanatory, enhances the native iOS folders! It's a great tweak that once installed you need to reboot your iDevice for the changes to take effect. Once your iDevice is back on, when you tap on your folders, you'll notice a difference in the folder animation, as well as view. Head on to your settings to check out FolderEnhancer.

First thing that will attract your attention is the big blue "Reset to Defaults" button in the top, right corner. Right away you know if you mess something up, or don't like the changes, you can always go back to default settings.

First option, "Appearance". As it's name implies, you get to customize the FolderEnhancer appearance. Wether you'd like to show the folder name, what color text, folder color or even change the folder background to a custom image, it's all there for you.

The "Behavior" tab controls folder closing and animations. A neat toggle for "Always Bounce" found it's way in there as well. Makes it all look more Apple like, as well as more alive.

In the "Advanced" tab you'll find toggles for smoother animations caching icon images and enable/disable WinterBoard effects on labels.

For the "Experimental" tab, you get to pick how you'd like the paging to work inside the newly enhanced folders. Either vertically, or paged, just like Springboard pages.

Here is a FolderEnhancer(ed) folder in iOS 5 (Notice the room for 15 apps, plus more if paging is enabled):

You can find FolderEnhancer under the BigBoss repo for $2.49, which was created by Lance Fetters (ashikase).

Included are release notes as well as 2 video demos of FolderEnhancer in action.

And a features list.

FolderEnhancer is one of THE reasons to jailbreak your iDevice. Thanks for checking out my blog, as always you can follow me on Google+ and Twitter, and please share my blog with your friends. The more the merrier :) Also, support the hacker pod2g who is working very hard on the untethered jailbreak for all the older iDevices as well as the iPhone4S and iPad2. Feel free to send me suggestions for tweaks. Thanks again, I'll be back tomorrow :)

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