Friday, December 23, 2011

Tweak #12 - CyDelete

CyDelete is a nice, quick, nifty tweak that will save you lots of time when uninstalling certain apps/tweaks from Cydia. Head on over to your Settings app.

Notice only one toggle, Cydia is the protected application. Meaning you can't use CyDelete to remove Cydia. Simple.

Notice that apps/tweaks like 3G Unrestrictor, iFile and Callbar have "x"s just like any other application. Quickly remove them from SpringBoard instead of going through Cydia, uninstalling, and respringing your device.

I had a few tweak icons hidden, after making them visible again you'll see that Activator, SBSettings and WinterBoard also can be removed with CyDelete. Any application/tweak that has a SpringBoard icon can be removed this way easily.

CyDelete is a free tweak from Dustin Howett, found in the BigBoss repository.

Nice, short description included.

That's it for today, will be back on Monday, if not then Tuesday. Going to enjoy this weekend. Follow me on Google+ and Twitter, donate those few cents for new tweaks I'd love to show off, and support pod2g, we all want that untethered jailbreak already! Merry Christmas everyone, have an awesome time, spend it with your families, I know I will :) Take care!

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