Friday, December 23, 2011

Tweak #10 - StayOpened

One thing about App Store that I find annoying is after every download or update, the AppStore closes when you still want to continue to browse. Well this is where StayOpened comes into play.

As you can tell by its name, StayOpened will keep the AppStore opened even after you selected an app to be downloaded or updated your current ones. StayOpened does have a few settings so go on ahead to Settings app and taop on StayOpened. First and foremost, toggle if you want it enabled or not. Second option is for free applications in the App Store, meaning if there is a free app, what's the text on the button that you'd like it to say? Third option is for paid applications, what kind of text string you'd like to say on the button. I keep both of these off just to avoid confusion, and keep it clean.

StayOpened is a free tweak available in the modmyi repo, created by NakedProductions.

Comes with a little description explaining it's purpose.

Few more coming out in a bit, stay tuned! Follow me on Google+ and Twitter, feel free to donate towards new tweaks as well as follow pod2g on his quest to untether iOS 5.

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