Friday, December 23, 2011

Tweak #13 - WinterBoard

Welcome back! I hope everyone's Christmas was great! Famous hacker pod2g made this time even more exciting with the released iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak! Finally! For now we have to sit back, relax, wait for the storm of people hammering Cydia servers to calm down. Let's get back to a new tweak! WinterBoard is a must have tweak for those who would like to theme their iDevices. Once WinterBoard got installed you will need to reboot your iDevice. Then you'll see a new WinterBoard icon on the SpringBoard. Tap on it to go through a few settings as well as apply different themes. Advanced tab will guide you to logging etc; "Hide WinterBoard" toggle will basically hide the WinterBoard icon from the SpringBoard, you can still access this menu from your Settings App. I always leave SummerBoard Mode on. Go into "Select Themes".

Download themes you'd like from Cydia, and they will appear in here. Check mark will select the ones you'd like to be applied. As you can see I have "NoNewNotifications" checked. Go back into previous screen you'll see a blue button to respring your iDevice for changes to take effect.

And there we go, that silly "No New Notifications" line is gone from my Notification Center. (By the way, this is Chicago weather. Big fail this year).

You can do a lot more things with this, I just keep it down to a few things. You can follow me on Google+ as well as Twitter, donate a few cents for new tweaks and especially support pod2g who worked his @$$ off to make the untethered jailbreak a reality. As for WinterBoard, get creative! For example: Blue Cydia Icon ;)

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