Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tweak #26 - NCSettings

Hello all, time for a nice way to end the weekend with 2 new tweak posts! The first one is a little longer but the second one is a quick breeze so I'll do both at one time.

First up is a tweak called NCSettings. What this does is to give you quick settings options in the Notification Center just like SBSettings does. Problem with SBSettings is that it's not compatible with iOS6 yet so I decided to give NCSettings a chance and I absolutely love it. Sleek, clean, and works great. Time to explore so head on over to your Settings:

Before you do anything, head over into Notification Center settings and make sure NCSettings is toggled ON. Then place it in whichever spot you'd like; for me it's all the way at the top of the list.There's only a few options for NCSettings but I promise you'll be happy with what it has to offer. We got Toggles, Volume and Vibrate control, Toggle Text option as well as Portrait and Landscape choices. Let's start off with Toggles:

In the Toggles section, you get to select which options you would like to have showing in the Notification Center. For me, 5 worked best as those are the most common ones I use everyday. All other's are up to your own tastes and preferences:

All you have to do is tap and hold on the right and you will be able to rearrange your options as you please. Very easy and simple:

Volume tab will let you pick what you would like the Volume choice to control. Either Audio/Video or just the ringer. I have it set to both but then again I'm not using this option:

Vibrate is similar to what Volume has to offer. Mine is set to both but I'm not using this one either.

There are 2 orientation option of how many settings will be shown. For portrait theres 3,4 or 5:

In landscape mode you  have a bit more options. From 4 all the way up to 9:

At the very bottom you have an optional button to tap to reset all settings. The developer's Twitter as well as donation buttons are included:

Now let's see it in action! It's a very simple UI marked in red:

Excuse the white boxes, had to remove my appointments; Any option that you tap on, for example WiFi, will toggle a nice animation and a text reading "WiFi On". This works with Bluetooth, Flash, etc. I'm sure many others but I have not personally seen:

And the brightness bar is nicely made as all others to match the sleek look of iOS Notification Center:

NCSettings was created by JamieD360 and is available in the modmyi repo for free:

Go check it out, it's an awesome tweak that brings functionality to Notification Center! Like and share my posts if you find them helpfull. Stay tuned for the second tweak which will be coming up in just a few minutes! Cheers!

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