Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tweak #27 - NCTabClock

Second tweak of the day! NCTabClock is an awesome little tweak that might be exactly what you were looking for! 

NCTabClock only has one toggle: ON or OFF. That's all! But you do have a choice in your Date & Time options to set it up as it'll mirror your iDevice's time (either in a 12-hour format or 24-hour format):

This tweak applies to any app that will use a full screen mode. For example I have here a screenshot of a loading screen for the very oldschool game Carmageddon, which was released just a few days ago, and I do strongly go ahead and check it out. It's an awesome game and just brings back childhood memories. Since this is a screenshot, I am in my Photos app. When viewing a picture, the statusbar is not visible. You can't tell how much battery you have left, if you have a signal or what time is it. Purpose of NCTabClock is to show you the time when you're using full screen mode. That's it! Run your finger down from status bar just as if you were to invoke Notification Center and bam you get a little timestamp on Notification Center's tab:

It's a great tweak that I think is worth it mostly when watching videos as you don't have to tap on the screen to see what time it is and have the controls blocking the view. Simply tap and slide down to look at the time. Simple as that and I love it!

NCTabClock was created by Jonathan Bailey and is available in the BigBoss repo for free. That's all for today, time to go to sleep and hit up school early in the morning. If you have any suggestions for tweaks I haven't gone over yet please let me know I'll try my best to get to them. As always, like and share my posts with your friends! Looking forward to the next few days, maybe an untethered iOS6 jailbreak is almost ready? :) Cheers!

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