Wednesday, October 3, 2012

iOS6 and Jailbreak Status

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After much consideration and a very long (8 months or so) absence from posting, I decided to continue on with this blog. My friend, who is a journalism major, looked over some of the posts I wrote and said they're really good (Thanks Byra!). I will try to post something up at least once a week, or any time that I feel the need to. We'll start this one off with some information regarding the newly released iOS6, iPhone 5 and the status of tethered/untethered jailbreak. The new iPhone 5 on iOS6 is sleek and fancy. I had doubts about it, but after checking out my friend's i do have to admit it that it's really nice. Sadly, I'm still on my trustworthy iPhone 4 :) At this time, unfortunately, iOS6 can only be jailbroken TETHERED on A4 devices (like the iPhone 4). Another thing that's "bad" is that you have to install Cydia in a weird, funky way which can all be described right over here. There is currently no word (that I know of) on the status of iPhone 5 being jailbroken. Although, few weeks ago I did see a Tweet by Chpwn who owns a jailbroken iPhone 5. Lastly, I am either staying on iOS5 untethered for a little longer or might soon update over to iOS6. If I do, then I'll have a full article written out on my experience with it and try to walkthrough anyone who reads it in the most simplistic way, just to make it very easy and understandable. Previously you had to restore to factory iOS with SHSH blobs stitched to the correct IPSW file, then go into iTunes, hold Shift and click on Restore, select the newly stitched IPSW and wait for it to go or give you an error; but my friend updated her iPhone 4S few hours ago without any issues, straight through iTunes. No idea how, she just clicked restore and update, no problems and no errors. Again, I will write something out here if I do decide to update my phone to iOS6. Until then, I'm awaiting a free upgrade from Verizon, which is due in January of 2013 ;)

One last thing that made me decide to write this article is to inform you which tweaks are compatible with the new iOS6. If you did update, if you did jailbreak and installed Cydia and you're wondering which tweaks will work with iOS6, you can find out right here. That table is constantly being updated, so bookmark it and check back often.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll have something good to write up for all of you. I am really surprised that this blog already went over 7k views! Thanks to all who read what I shared with you, I really hope it helped out. If any questions arise, please do ask and I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

Credit goes to iDownloadBlog for awesome articles which I'll always love to use as a source of information.

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Cheers! :)

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