Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tweak #25 - Browser Changer

Here we go again with another tweak! Browser Changer lets you pick out a different browser, other than Safari. It's a simple tweak that work great and comes in handy.

First option of course is the enabled toggle as well as the default browser you can choose. The list is pretty lengthy so I will not upload screenshots but I'll include a list of all available browser that are supported. Of course this tweak applies to Google Maps and Youtube apps. It does work with other apps (like Mail) as well. Included is an option to donate to the developer: tom-go.

Here's a  list of all browsers that are supported and as you can see I chose Chrome. Works great, fast, and does the job I need it to do.

All other browsers also supported:

- 360 Browser
- Atomic
- Atomic Lite
- Chrome
- Covenant Eyes
- Diigo Browser (iChromy)
- Dolphin Browser
- Dolphin Browser for iPad
- Full Screen Web Browser
- Grazing Web Browser
- iCab Mobile
- iLunascape
- jigbrowser+
- K9 Web Protection Browser
- LastPass (iPhone)
- Libing
- Life Web Browser
- MammothIV
- MammothIV Lite
- Maven Web Browser
- Maven Web Browser
- Mercury
- Mercury Pro
- Mobiclip Safe Browser
- Obsidian Web
- Obsidian Web (Lite)
- Oceanus Web Browser
- Opera Mini
- PERFECT Browser
- Photon Flash Web Browser
- Portal
- Puffin Web Browser
- Push Browser
- QQBrowser HD
- Ranger Browser
- Ranger Browser (iPad)
- Skyfire
- Skyfire for iPad
- Sleipnir
- Sleipnir Black
- Terra
- UC Browser
- UC ###*
- UC ###* (iPad)
- VanillaSurf
- X3watch
- Yahoo! Axis
- ####*
- ####* for iPad

*Note: The ## stand for Chinese/Japanese symbols and I don't know exactly what they mean.

Browser Changer is available for free on the BigBoss repository. You can follow me on Google+ and Twitter. I'll try to post something at least once a week. Untill next time, enjoy your Sunday! Cheers!

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