Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tweak #04 - WiFi Booster

Welcome back, here we go with another tweak. A nice way of ending the weekend, hope everyone enjoyed it! First snow yesterday (or friday) here in Chi-Town! Already gone though, feels like fall. Anyway, WiFi Booster is a perfect tweak for those who use their wifi connection more than data plan. Especially if the data plan is low, I have unlimited but still like to use wifi from time to time. WiFi Booster modifies a few files and removes some limits from your factory wifi section in the Settings app. Also, adds a few nice features. To see what's going on, after installing WiFi Booster, go into your Settings app and tap on WiFi. There you will notice a screen similar to this one (NOTE: I cleared out my neighbors SSID as well the MAC addresses):

First thing you'll notice is the negative numbers. Those represent the distance between you and the routers near you. The closer the number is to 0, the stronger the signal you will have. WiFi Booster actually removes the scan limit by showing you ALL the networks in range. For some reason, Apple decided to put a limit and for wifi to not show certain routers that fell outside the said limit. WiFi Booster removes this silly limit and whatever network is close, it will show it up here. I don't know why but the AP MAC addresses are shown under the SSID of any network in range as well.

Another nifty trick is the ability to pull down to refresh! Ah the awesomeness of pulling down and having wifi rescan instead of waiting for it to do it by itself or tapping out of wifi and going back in.

WiFi Booster can be found under the BigBoss repository, created by Malcolm Hall, with a price at $1.99. If you ask me, money well invested. (I was in Europe with my CDMA iPhone, this tweak saved my butt multiple times).

It will work on iOS 4 and up. Share my blog with your friends, follow me on Google+ and Twitter, also I made a dedicated Google+ page for this blog, you can follow on there too. There's a PayPal Donate button, if you feel I deserve that dollar or two I promise it will go towards a tweak worth the review :) Won't spoil it, but once my trial period expires I'd love to purchase it. Come back tomorrow for another tweak update! Take care :)

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