Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tweak #03 - AndroidLock XT

Back with another tweak for the weekend. One of my favorite security tweaks, AndroidLock XT. I assume the XT stands for "extended". What it does is it brings the Android unlock security password to iOS. 

Once downloaded, you have to go into your Settings to enable AndroidLock XT and set your new pattern.

I like tweaks that already come with toggles that let you enable/disable the tweak itself. You have a few areas of interest to go through once you enable AndroidLock XT.

First thing to do is draw your new pattern! Then it will ask you to repeat it to set it as the pattern you wish to use. If you feel like you want to redo you pattern you're always welcome to. All you have to do is go back in, redraw your old pattern then draw your desired new one and confirm it with a second draw and you're set.

Another thing I love about this tweak is the added support of changing the appearance of it. I always like to make mine dimmer so it's harder to see what kind of pattern I'm drawing. I've seen people unlocking their phones and the pattern they used was clear as day to me! Making it invisible would leave anyone trying to access your phone clueless! Lots of laughter here :) In the "Minimize" menu, you can set how AndroidLock XT will come up. The default stays at the regular "Slide to open" as in when you slide to unlock, AndroidLock XT dots will appear where you draw your pattern and unlock the phone. There's also an option to have "No" meaning the dots will be there all the time ready for you to draw, or "Tap to open" where you just tap the bottom of your lockscreen to invoke AndroidLock XT instead of the typical slide to unlock. Nifty little detail added is you can set the unlock text string to anything you'd like.

AndroidLock XT comes with a few themes. Pac Man is my favorite but for some reason the apperance settings don't work for me when I have a theme set, so I never change mine.

Simple behavior settings are also included. Toggle to get an error when the wrong pattern is drawn, max attemps and when the pattern is required. Another cool setting is the insecure mode. What it does is let's another one of your tweaks bypass AndroidLock XT and directly unlock it without drawing the pattern. For example, when I was still on iOS 4 and had Lockinfo, I could tap on my favorite contact, select new message and the phone would unlock and go directly to the SMS app without AndroidLock XT asking me for the pattern.

You can also enable logging. With my AndroidLock XT set at "Slide to open", this is the screen you will get with the dots coming up ready to accept the pattern you set:

With an incorrect pattern, the line will turn red and nothing happens.

When a correct pattern is drawn, the line will turn green and unlock your iDevice. I couldn't catch the green line with screenshot as it was quite difficult.

AndroidLock XT is available in the modmyi repository for $1.49, created by Zmaster.

A lot of details are included for you before purchasing, as well as supported iDevices list. One more awesome trick with this is that you can use AndroidLock XT alongside the factory PIN unlock. First you will need to draw your pattern and then enter your PIN number. Somewhat a hassle but if safety is your main reason, this is a perfect combo! For me, I'm always paranoid when in school, locking down your iDevice is the best thing to keep intruders out. Thanks for visiting, follow me on Google+ and Twitter, share my blog with your friends and if you'd like to see some other cool/nifty tweaks (that I possibly don't have) feel free to suggest those to me, you can always donate that dollar or two which will be used for the paid packages = more reviews for you guys. I've also been thinking about finally doing something with my YouTube account, maybe video reviews would add a nice touch to my blog. We'll see though, come back soon :) Enjoy this snowy (first real snow in Chicago!) saturday!

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