Friday, December 16, 2011

Tweak #02 - SBSettings

Happy friday! All my tweaks are reinstalled on the new iPhone so I can continue writing! Today's tweak is SBSettings. It's been around probably since the beginning of jailbreaking. SBSettings allows you to access some of the most important settings with a single swipe. It acts like a big shortcut tweak. Most common shortcut SBSettings lets you change without opening the actual settings app are Wi-Fi, Brightness, Bluetooth, etc. This is the basic SBSettings look:

You can customize how many rows of shortcuts you can have, in what order, and the overall theme of SBSettings by tapping on the "More" buton. This tweak also allows you to respring your device, tells you your IP addresses, storage as well as available memory.

For those on iOS 5, SBSettings can be enabled to work with Notification Center. But instead of rows, you swipe in a page manner just like you do in the multitasking switcher.

SBSettings comes with a springboard icon you can tap to access it's settings. First thing you can change is to show the icon, I have it disabled for a cleaner springboard look but you can still access the settings menu by tapping on the "More" button. Inside the "SBSettings Options" you will find toggles to enable/disable statusbar date, statusbar memory, 24hour time format, allow to launch SBSettings when in a call, landscape, and animations. Dropdown window is the original SBSettings look, as previously seen on the first image.

The iOS 5+ Notification is the Notification Center version of SBSettings as previously seen on the second and third images. For both options you can set toggles (Wi-Fi, Brightness, Bluetooth, etc), separate lits for toggles and different themes.

System Wide Options has a few tricks up it's sleeve. Hide Icons is just that, lets you hide springboard icons you don't really need to have out there. Mobile Substrate Addons are the tweaks you installed on your iDevice and they let you enable/disable them. Personally I never mess with these, especially since theres a big red warning label at the top. System Options allow to toggle numeric battery, numeric wi-fi, numeric gsm and custom carrier name or no carrier at all. Lastly, App Folders will tell you where the certain application is located if you'd like to search for it through iPhone Explorer or iFile for example.

That's all for now, maybe I'll write another tweak later on today :) Hope you enjoy my blog so far, follow me on Google+ and Twitter, as well as share my blog with your friends! Send me suggestions I'm open to write about more than just tweaks, as long as it's informative for everyone I'll include it. Take care!

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