Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tweak #32 - DietBulletin

Back with a few tweaks finally! Being a full time student taking morning and night classes, as well as working two jobs takes it's toll. Can barely find anytime to sit back and relax, but sunday is funday so let's get to it shall we? First up is a simple tweak called DietBulletin. From the name itself maybe you can't take out what it does, but here's it's main purpose:

Look at that skinny banner notification! One of my favorite little additions honestly, especially since now the notifications are less obtrusive. Let's look at what we have in the Settings app..

You can pick either Thin, Default or Status Bar styles for DietBulletin. I have it setup to Thin, which is what you see in the first screenshot. Next one is default if you ever want to revert back to original without uninstalling the tweak. Status Bar is similar to Thin, only difference is there's no rounded corners. Application Titles let's you pick which apps you want to use DietBulletin via ON/OFF toggle switch. Smart Titles will try to include the sender's information within the notification (i.e contact name, etc). Last but not least is the Scroll To End toggle. I found it a little annoying at first so decided to turn it OFF. The typical scrolling animation you see in a notification will be played out fully so you could actually read what's in a text message for example. I turned it off because some longer messages took longer for the notification to be dismissed automatically.

DietBulletin is available for free in the BigBoss repo, from one of the most awesome developers Ryan Petrich. Go forth and tweak your iDevice! More coming up in just a bit!

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