Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tweak #30 - NowNow

For those who would love to have Siri on their non-iPhone 4S devices, there is a few alternatives. Spire and all others did use quite the amount of battery life and was a bit buggy here and there (at least for me). I've gotten rid of it a while ago and came across a different tweak that mimics Siri. It's called NowNow. This little nifty tweak uses the voice option via Google Search app which you can download for free from the App Store. Without that app, this tweak won't work.

When you go into your Settings app and scroll down, there is only one thing to configure: and that's how to activate this tweak.

Tap on Activation Methods and, like me, pick Short Hold of the home button and done.

Press and hold the home button and there you have it. Google Search app will launch with the voice command activated, waiting for you to tell it whatever it is you'd like. I've seen some YouTube videos and reviews where this is actually better/faster and more accurate compared to Siri.

And there you go. NowNow is a free tweak you can find in the BigBoss repo, courtesy of Nick Frey.

I apologize in advance for the not-so-often articles. There isn't many tweaks out there for iOS6 just because it's only limited to a few devices. But, just recently I did see a few that kind of got my attention so I'll check them out, see what they do and share a review of how they work. Until next time, enjoy the wonderful day of world's end! Cheers!

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