Saturday, February 2, 2013


Happy (late) New Year!

Due to the fact there aren't that many interesting tweaks out currently, it's very difficult to write posts on this blog. But, there was a team formed just recently that will be announcing an untethered jailbreak for iOS6 across all iDevices. I strongly suggest for everyone to head on over to their website and donate for their hard work. We can expect (supposedly) the jailbreak to drop on Sunday, February 3rd, 2013. That's right, just one more day until then! I'm really hoping for a lot of the tweaks to be finally updated for iOS6 so I can start rolling out new posts.. I'll keep you updated and will come with a guide on how to jailbreak your iDevice, on iOS6, untethered, and yes that will include iPhone 5. :)

Again, I strongly suggest you visit the evasi0n website to check up on the status and donate. Even the smallest amount is appreciated. These guys work hard on their free, spare time to make everyone around the world happy with a jailbreak.

I'd like to thank everyone for visiting this blog and checking out my posts. Already surpassed 13k views, which I think is fantastic. A little update on the phone: still have my iPhone 4, which works fine but I've been thinking about an upgrade since I'm eligible starting last month and wanted to test drive a Windows 7 phone, or the newly released BlackBerry Z10. We'll see, but since I love iOS so much I'll stick with that for a long time, maybe a small upgrade to either iPhone 4S or perhaps the new 5. Then again, supposedly a new iPhone is dropping this coming June. ;)

Check back for a jailbreak tutorial as soon as it lands!


UPDATE 1: looks like evasi0n will be released tomorrow (Monday, February 4th). Almost all devices up to iOS 6.1 will be supported. Only update your iDevice using iTunes, DO NOT UPDATE OVER THE AIR VIA SETTINGS!! Launch iTunes, backup all your data and update.

UPDATE 2: please download the latest version of TinyUmbrella to save your SHSH blobs before you update to iOS 6.1 if you haven't done so. This will allow you to downgrade in the future, it's a "just in case" measure. Not necessary but strongly suggested. I will write out tutorials as soon as I can (full time school and work are taking a lot of my time).

UPDATE 3: Well looks like I won't be able to enjoy the jailbreak until late Monday night or possibly Tuesday morning. But rest assured that a tutorial will be posted ASAP!

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