Monday, January 2, 2012

Tweak #19 - CallBar

Sorry I've been gone for a few days, been playing around with that Siri Proxy Server and just got sick 2 days ago got me pinned in bed but feeling okay today time to make it up! Got a special for ya it's called CallBar. In iOS 5 Apple remade their notifications so you can choose what style and the new style is that little bar up top on the screen when you get a text or whatever. Well the guys behind CallBar took that and made it so it just fits with iOS 5. Let me show you what I mean, head on over to your Settings app.

Your basic settings for Call bar are enable, use at lockscreen, for your Phone app, Facetime, Skype and Viber. I'll tell you more about dialer activation in just a second, it's an Activator gesture for a "quick call" from any app you'll see soon enough. There's also voicemail button option, as well as answer in place meaning you can answer anyone who's calling in any app and continue using that app and talk on phone at the same time. Convenient huh? I like that feature a lot. Although been a little buggy when in a game, I can hear game sounds and music during call so I always press Home to get out of the game.

Call pickup method is for you to decide how you'd like to answer a phone call. Swipe gestures mean slide to the right to answer or slide to the left to decline (on top of the call bar itself). Or the older style of answer-decline buttons, which I personally like better.

And you have your lock button action which you can set to whatever you'd like either lock the screen or decline the call. Volume buttons mute it and I'll show you that as well.

So, this is the "quick call" or dialer activation method:

Instead of quitting your app, you can set yourself an Activator action (I have mine set to double tap on status bar) and the dialer will be invoked. The buttons you get are your favorites, history, contacts, keypad, voicemail and backspace or delete buttons. When you tap on any of those, you'll get your normal screen like you would inside the Phone app, but the keypad looks very nice and clean which will be invoked like this:

So let's test out CallBar. Here I had my girlfriend call me and for some reason my phone did not let me take screenshots so I used my sister's 4S camera to take these. Sorry for the blurr, still tired and sleepy hah. Okay, when someone calls you (lockscreen, homescreen, any app) you will see CallBar like this:

Picture, name, phone, and number as well as those answer-decline buttons. Press the volume key (I think it doesn't matter which one, I always pressed the -) and you'll mute the call like so:

You will see 2 phones on both sides which will be colored (I think) and the left one toggles back the ringing and the right one declines the call. When you answer you will see the following:

Notice icon of which app you're using for the call (in this case, Phone app) and the contact picture is on the right side, name is on top left with call time below it. Now, you can tap on the CallBar and the little buttons will come out again (mute, keypad, speaker, add call, hold and bluetooth).

To end the call all you do is swipe to the left on top of CallBar. That's it! Quite handy and not that complicated once you get used to it.

CallBar can be found under the BigBoss repo for $3.99 (well worth it! I think I bought it for $2 when it first came out). Created by E. Limneos and J. Tucker.

Nice detailed section included in case I missed something you can read up over there. Well that's what CallBar is, another great tweak and another reason to jailbreak you iDevice. Yes I have it on my iPhone but I think it works on iPods and iPads since it supports Skype, Facetime and Viber calls. Again sorry to keep you waiting for that long but I promise to make it up with more great tweaks for you all. Feel free to donate a few cents for more awesome tweaks that aren't free (like this one), you can follow me on Google+ and Twitter say hi or whatever :) Dress up, don't get sick like me! Cheers!

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